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Oil Bucks Downtrend To Eek Out Small Gain.
Oil prices rise slightly, bouncing from near 4-year lows even while marking a fourth straight weekly loss. Oil & gas update.

North Sea Future: Innovation Needed.
After the 'no' vote in the Scottish Referendum, attention now turns to the Wood Review and this December's Fiscal Review about how best to extract the remaining hydrocarbons from the UK North Sea. Oil & gas update.

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Chevron drilling relief well to extinguish fire.
Chevron Nigeria begins process of drilling a relief well to seal the Funiwa 1A natural gas well - EnerFaxGold, energy, oil & gas.
Apache exploratory success in the Whittenburg Basin.
Apache encouraging results in its exploratory drilling program in the emerging Whittenburg Basin play in the Texas Panhandle - EnerFaxGold, energy, oil & gas.

What Makes Gasoline Prices Go up and Down?

The bloodline of America is gasoline and with the price ever fluctuating it is hard to keep track of the cost of this valued commodity. In this tough economic climate gasoline has increased in value up to 50 percent, when you take into account the ever increasing cost of living this can become a reasonable slice of one's income.

Read more 29th Oct, 2012

Oil Reserve Depletion & The Introduction Of Biofuels

Within this century it is assumed and predicted for a long time that our oil reserves will be completely depleted. Although present estimates indicate that the future consumption of petroleum in America may actually drop and possibly even decrease in yearly consumption. Have biofuels been the catalyst for this oil reduction? Many European countries have made a changed from petroleum based products to biofuels.

Read more 17th Aug, 2007

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