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Oil Minister: Foreign Oil Companies To Settle Iran's Debt In Euros.
Iran's oil minister said foreign oil companies that owe his country billions of dollars are likely to settle their debts in euros. Energy update.

Oil Traders Rush for Options to Protect Against Crude Gyrations.
Oil traders scramble against price swings, send key index to its highest level since the worst of the global economic crisis in 2008. Energy update.

As Big Oil Shrinks, Boards Plot Different Paths Out Of Crisis.
As oil and gas companies cut deeper, boards adopt contrasting strategies to lead them out of the crisis. Energy update.

Brent Oil Falls Most in 5 Months on Glut as Volatility Surges.
Crude tumbles the most in five months in London as price volatility climbed to a seven-year high and Goldman Sachs warns of wider swings. Energy update.

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